朋友们,今天是我在富士施乐工作的最后一天。李开复在自传里写,他决定离开微软去谷歌时说:“I need to follow my heart.”。入职富士施乐6年后,此时此刻,不论有多不舍,我也必须遵从我内心的选择。







Today is my last working day in SDCC. “I need to follow my heart”, Li Kaifu wrote in his autobiography, when he decided to leave Microsoft and join Google. After 6 years of working for SDCC, I need to follow my heart now.

I appreciate for your support in SDCC, and I still remember the interview by Juwan 6 years ago. I was lucky to get into the field of Web development, from which my career path is developing toward the good direction. Now I wish to accept new challenges, so I decide to leave.

SDCC will always occupy an important position in my heart. When I accepted SDCC’s offer, I did not know what I was good at, did not know what I could do, did not know which way I should go. I was a little confused, but now I know what I want and what kind of life I want to live. Over the past 6 years I grew up with the team and had so many unforgettable moments. I also feel a great deal of pride about the experience here.

Thanks Julian for your trust and cultivation. Sometimes I dream, if I were you, what would happen if I would lead the Tokiwa team? It may be a nightmare because I’m sure I cannot do better than you. I hope one day I will have the ability to lead a big team.

Thanks Stanley for your help and support. Yours endurance is what I never have. I gradually realized the importance of emotional control, which does not mean the struggling and compromise, which means responsibility. Ma Yun said: “Man’s tolerance is a big injustice”. He’s right.

I often recall my happy workdays in SDCC, and these scenes have been re-occurring in my mind all the time. I can say nothing but thanks to everyone. My best wishes to all your guys in CWIS, UI and MIB team, who provided us great help. I believe Stanley and Cain will lead CWIS team to achieve greater success in the future.

Finally, goodbye does not mean the end, we can keep in touch with each other anytime, anywhere by WeChat or Weibo. I wish you all the best! Take care. It’s my honor to meet you all.